Friday, October 29, 2010

First film to present iVocAudio (in French)

"First" is great, but also means:
  • That I used the demo version of ScreenFlow to make this video/screencast => the video is branded quite heavily ^^
  • That I just recorded it and it's 3h50 Turkish time in the morning so it will need fine-tuning,
  • Because of item 2), I made it in French (next one will be in English)

Dailymotion film 1 (French)

Here we go: App review...

At 22h45 Turkish time, I received Apple's e-mail indicating to me that the status of my App has changed to "Waiting For Review"!
Crossing my fingers...

General presentation of iVocAudio (English)

 Here is basically what appears about iVocAudio on the AppStore

What's the principle?
Thanks to iVocAudio, you will be able from now on:
- to memorize any word, sentence or notion,
- in a fun, ultra-quick and optimized way.

How does it work?
There are 2 steps:
1) Recording: you record Question/Answer couples with the iPhone's microphone,
2) Game: For each couple, iVocAudio will test you in an optimized way about the question (resp. answer) and you have to indicate whether you know the answer (resp. question) with a simple move on the screen.

Why is it so great?
You save a lot of time by recording directly from the mic,

You progress quicker, since the app tests you in priority about the question/answer you know the less,

You can play anywhere without having to look at your screen:
- in your car (you won't feel sick etc.),
- when watching television,
- in your bed, with the light off,
- while queueing up,
-  with bright sun (at the beach ;-))
The people with impaired vision can also take great advantage of iVocAudio for this same reason.

Everybody can play! This app can be used by young children or by older people indifferently thanks to the simple interface, and uses are infinite depending on what you really need.

The number of themes you can record is unlimited: the only limit is the storage capacity of your device.

iVocAudio will easily adapt to your everyday life. You can « study » several weeks or months later, since iVocAudio memorizes exactly what needs to be insisted on...

Typical use examples
You have to learn regularly some vocabulary in a foreign language: you'll then record couples such as «love» in question and «amour» as an answer, or total sentences like « I love my little dog » / « J'adore mon petit chien ».

You're a student and you have to learn regularly History dates. You'll then record couples such as « end of civil war » / « April 18, 1865 ».

You're a student and you have to learn definitions in biology. You'll then record couples such as « DNA » / « Deoxyribonucleic acid ».

You work in a compagny and have to learn by heart some key infos for a presentation or an interview. You'll then record couples such as « Yearly turnover in 2010 » / « 234 million dollars ».

You want to help your child to learn his multiplication tables. You'll then record couples such as « 4*6 » / « 24 ».

You want to remember the birthdays of the members of your familly or friends. You'll then record couples such as « Clelia » / « February 7th, 2007 ».

You want to remember once and for all the main national bank holidays. You'll then record couples such as « Halloween » / « October 31st ».

A few features detailed
3 possible languages for the display of the menus: English, French and Turkish. More to come depending on requests.
Ranking of each couple with stars corresponding to levels (equivalent: from 0 to 10 points), regrouped according to 4 colours: red, orange, yellow and green.
Graphic Pie Chart describing for each project your general progress, by indicating the propositions of couples in red, orange, yellow or green.
Detailed info for each couple: number of fails, of successes, of successes in a row, and the two directions: Question=>answer or answer=>question.
Number of projects and couples unlimited in the normal version of iVocAudio, limited to 2 projects with 6 couples each in the Lite version.
Recording of the couples by pressing a unique button.
In the game mode, you can choose for each question 4 options: listen to the question again, listen to the answer, indicate that you know the answer, indicate that you don't know the answer.
Several sorting modes are available in order to optimize your learning, based on 2 main sorting keys: according to stars/according to fails and then according to successes, randomly, or according to recording order.
Possibility to name, rename or delete any project.
Possibility to delete any couple,
Possibility to reorganize and sort out the projects according to your needs,
Possibility to create a new project by using the data from another project (title of project, categories of the couples),
Possibility to use headphones or the iPhone's speaker,
Possibility to reset the scores for any project,
Possibility to restart any game by triple tapping anywhere on the Play Screen.
In Play mode, a bell sound goes off at the end of every game in order to warn you that you went through all the couples of the project. The game will then restart.
In Play mode, possibility to indicate that you know (or not) the answer before the end of the question.

Screenshots of iVocAudio