Thursday, April 28, 2011

iVocAudio 2.0: release date is May, 11th!

The initial launch for iVocAudio 2.0 was set to May, 4th. However, many reviewers appear to be on holidays, that's why we decided to postpone the launch 1 week later.

The new launch date is therefore May, 11th.

This will also make it possible for me to integrate a little additional update of the update :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iVocAudio 2.0 accepted by Apple !

Great news ! I received this morning the confirmation by Apple that the update for iVocAudio 2.0 had been accepted (which took 7 days this time).

The status of the app on iTunes Connect is now "pending developper release": it means that I just need to press on the green button and the update will be available for everyone on the AppStore !

...which I'll actually do on May 4th !
Until this date Irina will help me get press coverage for the D Day.
So far, the beta testers of iVocAudio 2.0 look very happy and didn't report any annoying bug.

By the way, for the launch, I won't have time to get iVocAudio Lite ready. Therefore, in order that users don't get confused, I'll revmove iVocAudioLite from the Appstore until it's updated.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New iTunes pictures :)

Thanks to the feedback received end of this week (in particular Irina), I decided to change the iTunes screenshots.
Here is a sample of the new series:
I hope every one will prefer those as well !

New video tutorials on

I've just added a new section about video tutorials on

Here is the example (in low resolution) about how to use iVocAudio-Share:

Don't hesitate to tell me if those tutorials need more details, or if I should add new tutorials!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iVocAudio 2.0 submitted to Apple

That's it ! Today I received from Apalon the last translations needed for texts on iTunes, and I just uploaded to Apple iVocAudio 2.0 (after having to get around some stupid changes I didn't see when switching to Xcode 4).

I also prepared new screenshots for iTunes. Here is a sample:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

iVocAudio 2.0 : demo by

Here is the demo of iVocAudio 2.0 by Ben Richardson from

It was prepared within 48 hours, and I'm quite happy with the result !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A real website for iVocAudio

Since the beginning, I had found much easier to use this blog in order to present/promote iVocAudio, but I've been told several's not the right way!
So eventually I customized great templates that I bought on the internet (, and here is the result:

Other news: it looks like the launch date for iVocAudio 2.0 will be May 4th.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Test iVocAudio 2.0... over the Web !! (incredible but true)

I just opened an account in Piecable, and went through the process of making my app available... and if you click on below link, you'll be amazed to see iVocaudio 2.0 [almost] working!

Link iVocAudio on Web simulator

I wrote almost, because there ARE still some limitations which actually make it impossible to really test the app:
- impossible to record,
- no sound
- impossible to see the films
- the display speed is quite low

this means however that you can check out all the navigation and features, which is already awesome, isn't it?

I congratulated Chris and Fred who already achieved those wonderful results, and I'm really waiting for their futher developements ....

iVocaudio 2.0 - English description on iTunes

Here is what the iTunes description will be like (proposition by Apalon)

Have you ever wished you could do some simple things to sharpen your memory skills? If the idea of memorizing a long list of vocabulary words terrifies you, iVocAudio app will definitely be a perfect choice!
"iVocaudio is a terrific app for helping you memorize things in a unique way, using your own recorded Voice" -
"iVocAudio is a very intuitive and practical app for everyone" -
"iVocAudio is your memory chum [...] that's what I call one of the coolest iPhone Apps (2010)" -
iVocAudio provides a fun and easy way to memorize things quickly using your own recorded Voice.  What makes it different from using audio flash cards is that the app takes care of everything. You simply have to record your Q & A pairs with your iPhone’s microphone and then train until it finally gets stored into your brain. The application is tailored for students willing to get an excellent mark at the exam or anyone who wants to learn Birthdays of friends and family, administrative codes, definitions, dialogues from favorite films, multiplication tables and many more…
With the help of this outstanding app you will memorize data in the short or long run. No need to write or read in order to play, you can play wherever you want: in your car, on the beach, in bed at night or during your meal.
Features :
·        Download existing iVocAudio folders from for free, import/export them and share  via iTunes or e-mails
·        Quick record question and answer pairs
·        5 options to listen to automatic answer to the question in any folder
·        Choose double/single direction of the test
·        English/French/Turkish language support
·        A very detailed help section with tutorial videos
·        Improved compression of audio files

 Use your voice to improve in any area of your personal, academic or business life!
*We value greatly your opinion. Your feedback will help us to bring new exciting features in iVocAudio.

Choosing the good pictures for iTunes

Question of the day: should I change the screenshots on iTunes, and make it look more pro (adding the iPhone screen around [cf picture under] + light effect) and adding some text?
I should decide soon... my target is to send to Apple the definitive version of iVocAudio 2.0 within Sunday this week : this means that App description + keywords + screenshots should be frozen by then !

Friday, April 8, 2011

PR marketing compagny chosen!

After a long hesitation, I finally decided to get the support of a PR marketing compagny for the launch of iVocAudio's v2.0: contract is signed with Apalon !
This means quite an important amount of money to me... but hopelly it'll be a good investment for me.

The v2.0 is now still being tested by 9 users who received in anticipation an AdHoc distribution of iVocAudio (.ipa file + mobileprovision certificate), and 1 week before freezing everything I'm still getting awsome remarks... so we are still adjusting the final release date, but it should be around 03/05/2011.

.... it's really awfully exciting, in particular to experience all this aside from "real" day job, and with no real risk for me and my familly !