Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iVocAudio 2.0 accepted by Apple !

Great news ! I received this morning the confirmation by Apple that the update for iVocAudio 2.0 had been accepted (which took 7 days this time).

The status of the app on iTunes Connect is now "pending developper release": it means that I just need to press on the green button and the update will be available for everyone on the AppStore !

...which I'll actually do on May 4th !
Until this date Irina will help me get press coverage for the D Day.
So far, the beta testers of iVocAudio 2.0 look very happy and didn't report any annoying bug.

By the way, for the launch, I won't have time to get iVocAudio Lite ready. Therefore, in order that users don't get confused, I'll revmove iVocAudioLite from the Appstore until it's updated.

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