Saturday, December 4, 2010

Conclusions for Launch Day in France => ranked up to 26th !

Since yesterday, iVocAudio ranked up to 26th in Productivity on French App Store, which is quite ok since the first aim was to be ranked 50th.

Today, it looks like the ranking remains around 30th (at 14h, it was in 28th position). Here is the graph since yesterday at 8h.

Some giveaway contests are still live, and keep getting some very interesting comments!
Regarding the reviews, they were all quite goods, you can find some of them summed up there: iVocAudio Reviews

The launch in US is still ongoing, but final ranking will undoubtedly be less than on Franch App Store, and I messed up regarding the timing of dispatch for some review demos (that went live at midnight on december 3rd, like DailyAppShow => synchronization effect -if any- is surely lost!)

Anyway, now let's see how long iVocAudio will remain in Top50 in French App Store!
Besides, I'm curious to see how many downloads from other countries there will be after this WE.

One last comment: it looks like iVocAudioLite was even more downloaded than iVocAudio. It will be interesting to see how many people will switch to iVocAudio, and will be a good indicator for the quality of the App... glurp !

Thanks again to all the people who supported this launch !

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