Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 10 countries / downloads for "iVocAudio Lite" first day on Apple Store

The results on iTunes Connect (the service thanks to which developpers can access all data related to their App once it's on the App Store) are apparently updated every day at 2.30 am (Cuppertino time, California).

So I just received the TOP10 countries that downloaded iVocAudio Lite on November 9th 2010:
Totally 46 downloads, which is really correct as compared to my unofficial target that was set to 30 !

Thanks to all of those who already reported to me some requests for improvements/bugs, and thanks in advance to all of those who will!

Regarding the following deadlines: I'll be fine-tuning the App according to your remarks during end of this week, then after I'll quit for 1 week (national holidays in Turkey), then when I'm back, I'll send to Apple:
- The new iVocAudio Lite version optimized,
- the "normal" iVocAudio version.

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